Kasen making a cake

Making a cake

Kasen and her first Big Top Cupcake

First Big Top Cupcake

Kasen with a blue tongue

Pretty blue tongue

Kasen and Marley with jewelry

Marley wearing jewelry

Kasen with her robot picture

Kasen's robot picture

Kasen making a snow angel

A snow angel with limited snow

Kasen's 2nd report card

2nd Report Card
All A's except for the talking!

Kasen with all of her paints

Ready to paint!

Kaesn at the circus

Ready for the Greatest Show on Earth

The circus parade

The big show begins!

The circus elephants

The elephants

The circus tigers

The tigers

The circus finale

Grand finale

Kasen standing by the circus truck

Kasen leaving the circus

Kasen holding ice

No, it's not a snowball

Kasen holding ice (close-up)

Yes, it's ice

Kasen posing in the ice

Showing some ice moves

Kasen and view of house with ice/snow

View of our ice/snow

Kasen's referral picture

Our first glimpse of Kasen
January 31, 2005