Kasen mad about having her picture taken

Kasen before Lake Winnepesaukah

Family photo at Lake Winnie

Kasen riding in the Lady Bug

Kasen and Daddy on the slide

Kasen riding on the gray horse

Kasen on a motorcycle

Kasen loved the elephant ride

Kasen driving the car

Kasen swinging

Kasen holding hands up on the roller coaster

Kasen after a fun day at Lake Winnie

Kasen's school picure

Kasen's school picture

Bed Head

Mother's Day

Kasen and Daddy

Bubble Face

Kasen ready for Diego Live

Kasen at Diego

Kasen with baby Jaguar

Kasen with Diego tattoos

Kasen with Diego tatoos

Kasen opening cans for Mommy

Kasen at ballet dress rehearsal

Kasen before her recital

Kasen's ballet class

Kasen in action

Kasen after recital

Kasen's ballet pictures

Kasen's ballet pictures

Kasen and Isabella

Kasen at Isabella's birthday party

Kasen cooling off at school field day

Kasen playing games at field day

Kasen is a monkey!

Kasen at her school playground

The kids all loved the sprinkler

We may need a slip n slide at home

Kasen ready for Betsy's graduation

Kasen playing peek-a-boo

Kasen enjoying cake and ice cream

Kasen ready for the pool

Kasen swimming with floaties

Kasen floating on a noodle

Kasen warming up after her swim

Kasen catching some rays