Kasen with Mother's Day cake

Mother's Day cake

Kasen giving Mommy flowers

Flowers from Kasen

Kasen and the Mother's Day flowers

Mother's day flowers

Kasen and Mother's Day cards

Mother's Day cards

Kasen cutting up pineapple

Cutting up pineapple

Kasen's chalk art

Chalk Art

School trip to Lake Winnie

Lake Winnie!

Mommy, Kasen and friends riding the Tilt-a-Whirl


Kasen on the parachute ride

Parachute ride

Kasen and friends eating ice cream

Ice cream time

Kasen and Sarah on the rollercoaster


Kasen at the playground

Playground fun

Kasen and Sarah on the elephant ride

Elephant ride

Kasen and friends on the train

Train ride

Kasen and friends on the train

Train ride

Leaving Lake Winnie

Fun day!

Kasen climbing on the lily pads

Climbing on lily pads

Kasen going down the slide


Kasen at the Rec Center (1st grade trip)


Kasen leaving for her last day of 1st grade

Last day of 1st grade

Kasen and her 1st grade teacher

Goodbye Mrs. Pope

Kasen working in the garden

Planting the garden

Kasen taking a water break

Water break

Kasen jumping off the diving board

Big jump

Kasen climbing the ladder

Pool time

Kasen having a snack by the pool

Snack time