(Discovery Center) Kasen choosing vegetables

Choosing vegetables

(Discovery Center) Kasen moving the vegetables

Checking vegetables out

(Discovery Center) Kasen playing with blocks

Playing with blocks

(Discovery Center) Kasen in the fire truck

Driving the fire truck

(Discovery Center) Kasen going to the tree house

Going to the tree house

(Discovery Center) Kasen in the treehouse

In the tree house

(Discovery Center) Kasen peeking through the window

Peeking thru the window

Kasen in her tent

Playing in a tent

Prince Marley

Prince Marley

Kasen breaking eggs

Kasen's great at breaking eggs

Kasen breaking eggs (close-up)

Nice technique

Kasen stirring

Big help in the kitchen

Kasen licking the spoon


Kasen cleaning up

Loves washing dishes too

Kasen stirring the slaw

This slaw stinks!

Marley laying in the floor

Are they going to be here all week?

Marley watching Kasen eat

Maybe she'll feed me

Kasen on Thanksgiving Day

Posing in front of the Macy's
Thanksgiving Day Parade

Kasen holding Marley

Drying Marley off

Kasen vacuuming

Early Christmas present

Kasen untangling lights

Finally someone who'll deal
with the lights!

Kasen with living room tree

First tree decorated!

Kasen with pink tree

Kasen's pink tree

Kasen with China tree

Tree with China ornaments