Kasen with Mom and Uncle Mike after half marathon

Mike, Mom, Kasen

Kasen with her Run Mommy sign

Cheering for Mom!

Kasen with Manchester girls

Manchester Girls

Kasen at Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch

Class trip to Cedarwood
Pumpkin Patch

Kasen with Snoopy at pumpkin patch

Posing with Snoopy

Kasen and Sarah on bench

Kasen and Sarah

Kasen petting a pony

Petting a pony

Kasen coming out of the hay tunnel

Hay tunnel

Kasen feeding goats

Feeding the goats

Kasen posing with Scarecrow

Posing with the scarecrow

Kasen in a tee pee

Checking out the tee pee

Kasen laying on the hay

Great place to rest!

Kasen by the lake

Ready to feed the fish

Kasen's pre-K class

Class picture

Kasen choosing a pumpkin

Picking a pumpkin

Kasen and Sarah at corn maze entrance

Should we go in?

Kasen and Sarah at corn maze

Let's check it out

Kasen and Sarah running in the corn maze

This is fun!

Kasen and Sarah at the corn maze exit

We made it

Kasen and Sarah climbing on the hay

Nice view from up here

Kasen and Sarah in the clouds

We're up high

Kasen in the clouds

I'm up high

Kasen posing in the mums

Posing in the mums

Kasen and Sarah posing in the mums

Pretty girls

Kasen making Monster Mash

Making Monster Mash

Kasen eating Monster Mash

Eating Monster Mash

Kasen fishing at school

Fishing at school

Halloween class picture

Halloween class picture

Kasen dressed as Batman Girl

Batman Girl and Marley

Kasen dressed as Batman Girl

Batman Girl side shot

Kasen dressed as Batman Girl

Batman Girl and scarecrow