Kasen at Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Kasen with Princesses

Disney on Ice

Kasen with Mouse Ears

Disney on Ice

Lots of fun at Disney on Ice

Lots of fun!

Running friends at the Middle Half

Running friends

Kasen's first report card

First report card

Kasen won the coloring contest

Winner of the coloring contest

Kasen with Grandmother on her birthday

Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Family photo

Family photo

Kasen at Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch

Arriving at the pumpkin patch

Kasen with a scarecrow

Checking out the scarecrow

Kasen looking for a pumpkin

Looking for a pumpkin

Kasen with her pumpkin

Picked a pumpkin

Kasen posing with a pumpkin

Pumpkin posing

Kasen entering the corn maze

Ready for the corn maze

Kasen walking thru the corn maze

In the maze

Kasen at the exit of the corn maze

Made it out o.k.

Kasen posing in a fall scene

Fall scene pose

Kasen driving the fire truck

Driving the fire truck

Kasen throwing corn

Throwing corn

Kasen entering the hay maze

Going in the hay maze

Kasen leaving the hay maze

Made it out of the hay maze too

Class picture on the porch

Class picture

Class picture on the fire truck

Class picture

Kasen with John and Cory

John, Kasen, Cory

Kasen with Titans cheerleader

Posing with Titans cheerleader

Kasen with Titans cheerleader

Posing with Titans cheerleader

Kasen with Jeff and John

Jeff, Kasen, John

Kasen on the carousel

Riding the carousel

Kasen with the stingrays

Checking out the stingrays

Stingrays in the aquarium

Stingray having a snack

Kasen and Daddy carving the pumpkin

Carving the pumpkin

Kasen pulling out pumpkin goo

Pumpkin goo

Kasen with the finished product

Finished product!

Kasen as Judy Jetson

Judy Jetson

Kasen as Judy Jetson and Marley as Astro

Judy Jetson and Astro

Kasen and Sarah at school

Kasen and Sarah

Kasen with a pile of candy

Halloween loot!