Kasen's silly poses (by request)

Three silly poses

Kasen's silly poses (by request)

Requested by Mom

Kasen's silly poses (by request)

Worked great in my presentation!

Disney on Ice (Toy Story)

Ready for the show

Kasen having a sno cone

Sno Cone!

Kasen with a very blue tongue

Very blue tongue

Family photo on Grandmother's birthday

Grandmother's Birthday

Kasen and her first report card of 1st grade

Great report card!

Kasen at the pumpkin patch

Visiting the pumpkin patch

Kasen's head in a pumpkin cutout

Pumpkin head

Kasen posing in front of mums

Pretty girl and mums

Kasen entering the corn maze

Ready for the corn maze

Kasen in the corn maze

In the maze

Kasen answering questions to know which way to go

Answering questions

Kasen starting to get tired

How long is this maze???

Kasen completed the maze!

Done (oh, the drama)

Kasen playing on tires

Playing on tires

Kasen on a big tire swing

BIG tire swing

Kasen climbing on lots of tires

Top of the world

Kasen at the pumpkin patch

Time to pick out a pumpkin

Daddy and Kasen picking a pumpkin

Picking a pumpkin

Kasen standing in the pumpkin patch

Last look at pumpkin patch

Kasen holding her pumpkin

Leaving with the pumpkin

Kasen pumping water

Pumping some water

Kasen posing in a truck

Fun time at the pumpkin patch!

Kasen decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween

Kasen making ghost cookies

Making ghost cookies

Kasen and Mommy at school Halloween party

School Halloween party

Kasen's class dressed for Halloween

School Halloween party

Kasen and Daddy carving a pumpkin

Cutting the top off

Kasen cleaning out the pumpkin

Getting guts out

Kasen getting gloves for cleaning out pumpkin

Need gloves

Kasen holding pumpkin guts


Kasen sketching the pumpkin design

Sketching the design

Kasen watching Daddy carve the pumpkin

Daddy carving

The carved pumpkin

Finished product

Kasen comparing pumpkin with sketched version

Comparing to the sketch

Kasen with her pumpkins

Kasen's pumpkin patch

Kasen's 'Free Pumpkins' sign

Kasen's sign

Kasen in her Ninja costume

Cute Ninja

Kasen in her Ninja costume

Aggressive Ninja

Kasen in her Ninja costume

More aggressive Ninja

Kasen in her Ninja costume

Ninja in action