Kasen with Marley

Kasen with Marley

Kasen with her Tinkerbell puzzle

Proud of her puzzle

Kasen in her raincoat

Cute in her raincoat

Eric's birthday party

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric's cake is great

Enjoying cake

This cake is good

Enjoying cake

Eric's cake is great

Enjoying cake

Eric on his new bike

New bike

Kasen driving the car

Girls in the car

Coloring fun at Sarah's birthday party

Coloring fun

Kasen hanging around on the playground

Hanging around

Kasen on the slide

Cool slide

Sarah's turn with the pinata

Birthday girl with pinata

Kasen in a birthday hat

Birthday hat

Kasen sleeping on the edge of her bed

Luckily she didn't fall out

Kasen in her princess cowboy hat

Hat day at school

Kasen screaming at the county fair

County fair!

Kasen picking up ducks at the county fair

Picking up ducks

Kasen, Mom and Dad on the ferris wheel

On the ferris wheel

Kasen and Dad in the glass house

In the glass house

Kasen and Mom in the glass house

Glass house again

Kasen in the fun house

In the fun house

Kasen and Shelby in the boats

Riding in the boats

Kasen on the scramblers

On the scrambler

Kennedy, Shelby and Kasen at the fair


Kasen fishing at the fair


Kasen playing guitar

Guitar girl

Kasen picking up ducks

Picking up ducks

Kasen, Sarah and Rosa in the teacups

Girls in teacups

Kasen, Sarah and Rosa at the fair

More girlfriends