Travel 04/02/2005

Karen reporting:
This was our last morning in Nanchang! We loved the reason we came here, but we are ready to move on to Guangzhou. We left for the airport at 8:45. We had to have 2 hotel buses, one for us and one for our luggage. We said goodbye to Bruce (our guide) who was so helpful to us with all of our hospital visits. We have his email address so we will keep in touch and email pictures of Kasen to him.

Kasen continues to improve. She is still eating great and drinking lots of water (just like Mommy). She had her first airplane flight today. She thought it was great and never cried. They did serve us crackers which she loved! It was only an hour flight, so it is only a small taste of what the flight home will be. She's really becoming big buddies with her Daddy as you will see from the pictures.

We are staying at the famous White Swan hotel. Lots of other adoptive families are here. It is beautiful. It is located on Shamian Island and there is lots of shopping within walking distance. We ate lunch and dinner at Lucy's. As Keith mentioned, we have grown tired of buffets, so we are now eating hamburgers and fries. Kasen had peanut butter and jelly for lunch and ham and cheese and mashed potatoes for dinner. She actually ate these from a spoon from me!

We have had a great day. I'm not sure if it's because there were no needles today, but Kasen has come out of her shell. I think food and shopping put her in a good mood. She laughed and played all afternoon with us. No, we didn't get a nap again today, but boy we had fun.

We have high speed internet service in our room here. We were so excited until the hard drive crashed on our laptop. I am now sitting in the business center at 10:00 p.m. rather than updating the website from the comfort of my room. We couldn't stand not posting and sharing the latest pictures. I hope you enjoy them.