Travel 06/26/2011

Karen reporting:
Play Day

Today was a day of no schedule so it was an official play day! We (well the three of them) slept until 9 am. We managed to get to the breakfast buffet by 10. In honor or our 2005 travelmate Rich, Keith and I both had banana bread today. And for the record, I had bacon again as I have every day since we arrived at the White Swan. Kasen joined me in a bacon fest and added fruit and french toast to hers. Karis is still only intersted in her bottle or drinking water out of a water bottle top. Solid foods are just something else for her to play with. Banging crackers on the table is a great thing to do while everyone else is eating.

We dropped laundry off again (I could really get used to this) and did a little shopping. We bought silks for Kasen and Karis in sizes to last them for a few years. We then came back to the hotel to play in the Swan Room. We ran into a family that we met at breakfast today and met another family. Kasen found a couple of girls ages 6 and 8 to have some fun with. There was a lot of running and screaming. Karis played quietly watching them. At one point, a little boy tried to take a toy from her. She gave the toy a death grip and whacked him on the arm. I guess she wasn't interested in sharing.

After a little snack in the room, it was time for a nap. After nap came the dinner adventure. We went to a Thai restaurant tonight. Keith got a thumbs up from Kasen and me for our dinner selections. Our chicken (and we are pretty sure it was chicken) was great and Keith was pleased with his identifiable meats too.

Little Sis is sleeping and Big Sis will be soon. We have a trip to a garden planned tomorrow. We are leaving at 9:00 so everyone will need to be on an earlier schedule tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. We will check back again tomorrow.