Travel 04/04/2005

Keith reporting:
It’s our third day in Guangzhou, and all is wonderful (except that we’re here and not at home with all of you). Kasen would probably disagree, as she had to see another doctor today. This time it was a mandatory exam that all adopted babies leaving the country must undergo. As far as she was/is concerned, a doctor is a doctor, and all of them want to do evil things to you. They barely touched her and she screamed bloody murder! Good news, no signs of pneumonia, nor anything else wrong with her. They weighed her (17.3 lbs.) and measured her (27.8 Inches), listened to her heart and lungs, and looked at her throat, eyes and ears. She’s healthy!

We went shopping some more, and Kasen really loves it. This I am sure will be bad news for daddy! She’s already picked out a suitcase full of stuff just for her. Thank goodness for good prices in Guangzhou, and Mastercard of course.

Kasen has become very attached to her mommy and daddy, almost as much as we have to her. As you can probably tell from our posts, we are happier than we dreamed imaginable. We can’t wait to show this wonderful child her new home, and introduce her to all of her hundreds of extended family members. Get ready to start planning your own trip to China to try and find one like her, as she’ll steal your heart when you meet her.

As always, thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, and especially for your continued entries in our guestbook. They’ve really kept us going through the good and the bad, and have kept our homesickness to a tolerable level. Only three more days until we’re home! See you soon.

Karen's tip of the day: Buy stock in Cheerios since Kasen can eat a ton of them!