Travel 06/28/2011

Karen reporting:
Paperwork Complete!

We had our Consulate appointment this morning at 10:00. This required us to leave the hotel at 8:45 for the bus ride there. Karis was not happy about the bus and we had a screamfest for the entire 45 minute ride. Our guide, Peter, forgot something and had to get off the bus after just a couple of minutes and met us there. I believe he decided that paying for a taxi would be better than enduring the bus ride with us. He did bring his mp3 player to help sooth her if necessary. He told me she is a funny girl since the mp3 player was more appealing to her than toys or food.

At the Consulate, we took our oath that all the information we provided was accurate. This is done with all the families at one time. We then are called up one family at a time to turn in all the paperwork and answer a few questions. Our paperwork was deemed very perfect and in exactly the right order (thanks to Peter). We now await Karis' visa to be delivered to us tomorrow afternoon by Peter. The paperwork is complete! The bus ride back was quiet since Karis fell asleep fairly quickly.

After a snack in the room, Karis got a much needed nap. The rest of us might have dozed a little too. We made our way out early in the evening for dinner and somehow found ourselves at Lucy's again. We met a family who just got their daughter yesterday from the same orphanage as Karis. Karis showed a lot of interest in their little girl who is the same age. We wondered if they recognized each other. We have met a lot of great families since we have been here. The consensus in the play room is Karis already has the longest hair!

Kasen and Karis have a great time playing together. Kasen can usually get Karis to laugh on command. Karis seems to love to throw toys and that almost always makes her laugh out loud. The girls are both sleeping well. Watching High School Musical 3 on the iPad is the prerequisite to sleep whether it is naptime or bedtime.

We began our serious shopping today and it will continue tomorrow. The big suitcase has already been purchased for all the treasures we are purchasing.

I know I have complained about the rock beds here at the White Swan but I would also like to tell you about some of the really good things. I'm really not lazy, but I love having a doorman. When your hands are full of kids, strollers, backpacks and shopping bags, he's there. The lobby of the hotel is really beautiful. We will get some pictures to post of it before we leave. Anytime we call for hot water or ice, it shows up at our door almost immediately. The Swan Room is a great play room where the kids can use up some of their energy and the parents can get to know each other. The lighted make-up mirror makes that job really quick and the shower has enough pressure to really rinse my hair. These last two show you that it really is the little things that make a difference!

Only a couple of days left here in China. Check back again tomorrow.