Home 07/03/2011

Karen reporting:
We're Home!

We're back! We left Guangzhou Friday morning at 5:45 am (that was Thursday 4:45 pm at home). After three flights, some airport time and stopping by Papa and Nan's for a few minutes, we arrived home Saturday at 1:30 am. Yes, it was a very long Friday! Kasen and Karis immediately started playing even though we were all exhausted. Most of the family slept until early or late afternoon on Saturday. We are a little more on a normal schedule today. I'm sure it will take a while.

Thanks to all of you for following along on our journey. I'll leave you with the "red couch" photos that are a standard photo of adoptive families. Karis is crying just as Kasen did six years ago. Kasen didn't cry this time.

If you want to continue to watch the girls as they grow, I update the Girls' Page about once a month. The marquee at the top of the home page will tell you the last time I added new pictures.