Travel 03/24/2005 - 03/25/2005

Karen reporting:
Thursday (03/24) begins with us returning to the Chicago airport. I made the comment when we flew in here Wednesday that I had never been in the Chicago airport before. It is unbelievably familiar now. The fun thing about this experience is that we've met a lot of people on the plane. There are several other families that are adopting also, one of which sat right in front of us. We all boarded the plane and put our luggage back in the same bins. We also watched this one guy try in vain to put the same suitcase in the same bin that it wouldn't fit in yesterday. Maybe we're just tired, but we found that hilarious.

It was a long flight. I can only imagine how it will be with Kasen. We had a couple of those great meals today and noodles for a snack. I've seen more movies in the past 2 days that I have in months. Sleeping sure helped pass the time. I slept well, Keith, not quite as well.

We are finally in Beijing! We were met at the airport and driven to the Huadu Hotel where we will spend the next 2 nights. We are 14 hours ahead of you guys at home. So, as your Friday is beginning, I am struggling to stay awake. Keith has already lost that battle, so you were stuck with my trip synopsis today. Thanks to all who have signed the Guestbook. We loved reading it and knowing that we are in your thoughts and prayers.