Travel 06/19/2011

Karen reporting:
Tidbits from Beijing: There are 19 million people in Beijing and 5 million cars so there is almost always a traffic jam. Of those 5 million cars, at least half of them are using their horns at all times. The lines on the road are apparently only a suggestion of where you might want to drive. Coke was available everywhere we went and sometimes Diet Coke, but Sundrop has eluded me so far. Our internet speed at our hotel was extremely, painfully slow. The website updates would take 2 hours each night. I sure hope you are enjoying them.

On to Guangzhou. After a breakfast of KFC, we got on a 9 am flight and arrived in Guangzhou at noon. We were met at the airport by our guide Peter, not to be confused with the Peter who was our guide in Beijing. He gave us a quick rundown of our schedule for the week on the way to the hotel. There is one other family in our group and they are arriving tomorrow morning. We are scheduled to get Karis at 2 pm on Monday so there should be pictures posted for your Monday morning viewing at home.

We are staying at the White Swan hotel. We stayed here six years ago when we got Kasen. It is a really nice place to spend a couple of weeks. We went directly to Lucys for lunch to have burgers and fries. It was not Jiffy Burger, but it was great. I know we will be there a lot during this visit. There is a Starbucks and a Subway close by too. We also know that McDonalds and KFC are in the vicinity too. For my Group 106 travelmates, the noodle shop next door is gone and we did not see Lucy or Belinda in the shops.

So, tomorrow is the big day. We will post pictures as soon as possible. Thankfully, our internet connection here is a lot better. Please continue to sign our guestbook. We are able to check email a lot easier now too. FYI, Facebook is apparently blocked.