Travel 06/21/2011

Karen reporting:
We had a great first night with Karis. She slept for 10 hours and we had to wake her up this morning. I say we because Keith and Kasen woke her up and I had to deal with the screaming when they left the room!

We ate at the buffet again this morning. Bacon is a favorite for Kasen and me. Karis is still not interested in anything we have to offer other than the milk and rice.

Today was our official Adoption Day! We signed all the necessary papers, Karis got her picture made for her passport and visa and she had her medical exam. She passed with flying colors. She weighs 22 pounds and is 32 inches tall.

As we were walking back from the medical appointment, we passed by Lucys. We had to stop in for burgers and fries. It also offered some great air conditioning since we were melting from the heat and humidity.

We came back to the hotel and a whole lot of napping was going on. At least one of us was snoozing until about six. We then went on another dinner adventure. Keith did a great job of ordering chicken and rice for Kasen and me. His dinner contained lots of mystery meat so he was not quite as impressed. Keith decided we should start taking pictures of the foods we order regularly (Coke Zero, chicken, rice, soy sauce) to cut down on the confusion.

The girls are snoozing and this girl will join them soon. We’ll check back with you all tomorrow.