Travel 03/29/2005

Keith reporting:
Pneumonia, day two. We went back to the hospital today, hoping not to have to go through another day like yesterday. Unfortunately, the doctor told us that not only did we have to go through another three hour IV IN THE HEAD ordeal today, but that we would also have to come back for round three tomorrow. Itís killing us, Kasen hates it, and the conditions at the hospital remind me of a filthy asylum from the early 1900s. Iíll give you all graphic descriptions in person when I see you. Unfortunately, itís an image Iíll NEVER get out of my mind.

Kasen slept through most of the treatment, and Karen held her for the entire time. Super mom! We came back and spent most of the day at the hotel. Kasen is also taking two medicines orally which gives her yet another reason to ask herself ďwhy do I want to go with the mean Americans?Ē She seems to feel pretty good, is eating well (all kinds of solid food, no bottles, no rice cereal, but pretty much anything we put in front of her!) She will not let anyone feed her, but instead demands to feed herself. She also showed us how well she can walk around holding onto us or the furniture. Like her mother, she shows a propensity for organization, as she loves to put things up in the hotel room drawers.

We go for round three of her treatments in the morning (our pediatrician in Murfreesboro concurs with the approach the doctors here have recommended). We then plan to spend another day here allowing Kasen to rest as much as possible. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

As promised, we finally have some pictures out there today. We hope to add many more plus some video clips after we get Kasen through with her treatments. Thanks for continuing to follow our journey and for keeping us in your thoughts. By the way, in case I havenít already expressed it, our daughter is a doll!