Travel 03/30/2005

Karen reporting:
I havenít written since Iíve been in Mommy mode. Keith wasnít feeling well today so Kasen and I made the trip to the hospital without him. As always, Bruce took us, interpreted and ran interference for us. In the first 48 hours that weíve had Kasen she has been at the hospital 3 times. Iím sure when she woke up this morning that she wasnít too happy to see that Iím still here and itís not a nightmare! Kasen did sleep 11 hours last night, so Keith and I got some rest too.

Kasen has improved dramatically. She is eating really well. Note for Andrew: she loves bacon, ham AND green beans! She only wants to feed herself and she even gave me some bites today too. Weíve gotten a few smiles out of her and those happened while she was eating. Sheís my daughter! We had KFC today. I canít remember the last time I ate there at home, but it was really great today. Kasen liked the french fries.

All the other babies in our group are doing well. It is amazing to go to the restaurant and see so many high chairs at the tables. All of our group are in neighboring rooms, so we usually know when the baby next door is not happy (unless Kasen is not happy at that point too).

A notary came to the hotel today and we completed our adoption paperwork. We received a comb made in Kasenís province from the orphanage director. We had sent a package to the foster family after we got our referral. We sent Kasen a Snoopy dog which she brought with her. We also got the disposable camera back (havenít developed those pictures yet) and answers to a list of questions that we asked. The most notable one is her dislike of dogs and cats! Iím sure she just hasnít met any dogs and cats as lovable as ours. I brought books about dogs and cats that we will read a lot before we come home!

Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook and emailed us. We will reply to emails as time allows. Please continue to pray that Kasen will be well soon. The love I have for this beautiful girl is indescribable! I canít wait for you all to see her.

P.S. Happy 16th birthday to cousin Betsy from Kasen!